SQLWhitelist for content.scanning.rules

Kit Wong Kit at simplysites.co.uk
Thu Nov 13 17:40:56 GMT 2008


On 13/11/08 14:55, Kit Wong wrote:
> Hi All
> I was wondering whether there is a way to use&SQLWhitelist to skip
> scanning of messages?
> I currently have to manually put it in content.scanning.rules to skip
> scanning altogether. I have users that do not what any of their emails
> scanned when they send.
> In MailScanner.conf
> Is Definitely Not Spam =&SQLWhitelist
> Works fine
> But if I put
> Scan Message =&SQLWhitelist
I assume your real conf file has
Scan Messages = &SQLWhitelist
in it, and not "Scan Message" ?

And what do you mean by
> It doesn't work.
Have you tried evaluating the configuration option for various different
addresses to see what it says? Start with "MailScanner --help" and use
the command-line options to query the value for various different from

Also, what did "MailScanner --lint" say?
>   The rules all look the same to me!!
> Does any have a modified pm file that will make this work>
> Kind Regards
> Kit Wong


Julian Field MEng CITP CEng

My real conf file has Scan Messages = content.scanning.rules

which has been working fine. 

This skips any scanning from that ip.

I am trying to use the MailWatch function &SQLWhitelist to skip scanning rather than whitelist.

When I do change it to &SQLWhitelist no messages are scanned. They all get skipped.

Hope this makes sense.





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