MTA-blocked Spam percentag down?

DAve dave.list at
Thu Nov 13 14:26:46 GMT 2008

Garry wrote:
> Martin Hepworth wrote:
>> 2008/11/13 Garry <garry at>:
>>> Hi,
>>> just wondering - my stats show the percentage of spam that was blocked
>>> due to MTA measures being down from somewhere in the >95% range (which
>>> it has usually been) to around 60% since last Friday ... as I haven't
>>> made any changes, I was wondering whether anybody else seen this
>>> behaviour...!?
> a) the drop in MTA-blocked Spam dropped since last _Friday_, 4 days
> before the reported disconnection
> b) the total amount of spam received by the MS box did NOT drop Friday
> (though I did notice a decent amount of reduction since Wednesday ...)
> -garry

We are not seeing any benefit either. We have seen a %50 reduction in 
spam making it to MS but that is because we starting using SIP November 
1st, Tuesday showed no decrease at all here.


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