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pippo at olidata.eu pippo at olidata.eu
Thu Nov 13 08:23:21 GMT 2008

> pippo at olidata.eu wrote:
> > Googling a while, I found that it may be due to extra 
> newline chars on 
> > some header lines, making the client think that the header is 
> > finished. Effectively, I found that the header tag 
> > X-OriginalArrivalTime may have a double newline character 
> at the end. 
> > Anyway, i don't know how to fix it. I suppose that this tag 
> is added 
> > by Postfix, before putting the message on hold, but I 
> cannot find any 
> > Postfix option regarding this tag. Another possible fix may be 
> > instructing MS to put its tags on top of the others instead of 
> > appending. Again I don't know how to do it (if possible).
> That is most definitly not a default postfix header. Google 
> was kind enough to inform me that this is in fact a Hotmail header:
> http://www.google.nl/search?q=X-OriginalArrivalTime
> http://ask-leo.com/how_can_i_trace_where_email_came_from.html
> I have seen headers break up in situations where someone 
> ignores the RFC and starts to use something besides the CR-LF 
> combinations that one MUST use at the end of a line.
> Hugo.
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Thanks for the info Hugo.

I investigated further more. Hotmail is not involved in my testing, but
The X-OriginalArrivalTime comes from my Exchange Server. If I hold the
message on Postfix (I simply mispelled the transport map, causing
to retry) the headers are ok, and the X-OriginalArrivalTime is not
As soon as I unhold it and deliver through Exchange, the header becomes
corrupted (the X-OriginalArrivalTime appears).
I think you found topics related to Hotmail because Hotmail is Microsoft
and, for sure, runs on Exchange servers.
I'll post on Exchange forum.

Thanks again.


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