MailScanner setup with BarricadeMX and Scalix

Brett Carruthers bcarruthers at
Tue Nov 11 21:43:09 GMT 2008

Hi All,


I have a MailScanner, MailWatch and Scalix setup which has been stable
for quite some time now. I have now purchased BarricadeMX and need to
run it on port 25 in front of Scalix, MailScanner, etc. I am confused on
how to configure the MailScanner / Scalix setup to achieve what is


At the moment it is working like this (please correct anything I get


Scalix listens on port 25 for external mail

Scalix passes mail to sendmail listening on internal smtp port 25 by way
of scalix milter/filter option in smtpd.cfg file


This is shown from lsof –i:25

sendmail 2684 root    4u  IPv4   7042       TCP
localhost.localdomain:smtp (LISTEN)

omsmtpd  7512 root    4u  IPv4 296208       TCP


Sendmail then put the mail into /var/queue/

MailScanner scans it puts it into /var/queue/mqueue


Sendmail passes mail back to Scalix for mailbox delivery.



Eventual outcome is to set it up like this:


BarricadeMX runs on port 25 for external and internal port bindings

Scalix smtp daemon runs on port 26

Sendmail daemon runs on another free port


Barricade scans mail passes it to scalix, scalix passes mail to sendmail
via milter option (this part Im not sure of). Sendmail passes mail to
MailScanner, MailScanner passes back through sendmail and mail delivered
to scalix. 


Outgoing mail relayed to BarricadeMX port 25 from scalix smtp on port 26
for further scanning.


Other option:


Is there a way to set this loop up so mail can go from


BarricadeMX (25) -> sendmail/MailScanner -> Scalix? 


That way I could bypass the scalix milter/filter loop and make my life


Any suggestions are appreciated, we trialed BarricadeMX on another test
host but due to its small footprint there is no need to run on a
different host.




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