Releasing messages from quarantine

Steve Freegard steve.freegard at
Tue Nov 11 17:33:13 GMT 2008

Julian Field wrote:
> On 11/11/08 16:30, Steve Freegard wrote:
>> Jason Ede wrote:
>>>> Sure - in MailWatch conf.php set QUARANTINE_USE_SENDMAIL to 'true' and
>>>> it will send the original message without modification.
>>> I've found that isn't always reliable (on mailwatch 1.0.4) if there 
>>> are attachments on the email. Mailwatch says that the email has been 
>>> released but nothing ever seems to reach the mail queue... I think 
>>> its some form of memory issue to do with PHP? If can get it working 
>>> reliably would be fantastic :-D
>> Actually the problem isn't with MailWatch - but the way MailScanner 
>> handles blocked attachment or file types.
>> When MailScanner sends notices it uses the original Message-ID header 
>> and replaces the body with the notice.

> Exactly what sort of notices are we talking about? I'm sure I can fix 
> this problem, I don't remember anyone mentioning to directly to me 
> before...

I've been meaning to mention it...

It's any notice that you create and keep the original Message-ID header 
when you might want to release the message from quarantine later.

So I guess that could affect any of the following:

Stored Size Message Report = %report-dir%/stored.size.message.txt
Sender Size Report = %report-dir%/
Sender Spam Report = %report-dir%/
Sender Spam List Report = %report-dir%/
Sender SpamAssassin Report = %report-dir%/
Recipient Spam Report = %report-dir%/
Recipient MCP Report = %report-dir%/
Sender MCP Report = %report-dir%/

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