Releasing messages from quarantine

David Jacobson davidj at
Tue Nov 11 14:58:16 GMT 2008

Hi Jason,

We had a similar requirement a long time ago.  We made use of mailfeeder ( and changed the Mailwatch code to integrate
that so it delivers the mail as was sent.

Hope that helps you get started.


On 2008/11/11 4:32 PM, "Jason Voorhees" <jvoorhees1 at> wrote:

> Hi there:
> I'm using MailScanner + MailWatch without problems but recently some users are
> not happy when a released message says "Message released from quarantine"
> coming from postmaster at
> They would like to get the released message with the original sender and the
> original subject instead of being replaced with the Postmaster address.
> Is it possible to achieve this? Is it possible to make transparent to end
> users the releasing of messages from quarantine?
> I hope someone can help :( Thanks :)
> P.D.: My english is not good enough


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