MS 4.55.10 and Clamscan 0.90 dosen't work

Steven Andrews sandrews at
Sun Nov 9 13:57:32 GMT 2008

Original poster was Sam.  I've been wacked for using 4.3 centos (yummed)
as the base for my spamfilters, but never for not keeping MS and clamav
up to date! ;)

I come from a windows world...we don't have this "stable" concept.  All
updates supposedly help you achive "stable".

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On 09/11/2008, at 12:22 PM, Steven Andrews wrote:

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> I use Debian stable ONLY don't tell me to use the last-of-last clamav 
> version or the las-of-last MS version.
> Translation: don't tell me how to fix it.

Was that sarcasm?  <woosh>

Steven, if you honestly think you are doing anyone a favor by running
waaaay out-of-date software, then that's fine - seriously.  Just don't
expect any support from anyone here - go get your support from your
distribution and/or package maintainer.

Holding onto the "I only install stable because that's what my linux
distro supplies" logic, is like saying that because Ford don't send you
new tyres for your car, you're not going to replace the bald ones ;)



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