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Julian Field MailScanner at ecs.soton.ac.uk
Sun Nov 9 10:57:30 GMT 2008

Edward Dekkers wrote:
>> Edward Dekkers wrote:
>>> I also don't have a /etc/MailScanner/bin folder - which used to hold
>> the
>>> scripts to update the fishing filter, virus scanners, check whether
>>> mailscanner was still running, cleaned the quarantine, and I also
>> don't have
>>> a lot of the /reports/en/ stuff - which throws up quite a few errors
>> when
>>> MailScanner starts. Just 3 reports.
>>> I'm thinking this deb package isn't as complete as it should be???
>> Sounds like you need to see the packager. Little Jules can do about
>> incomplete packages created by others.
>> Hugo.
> Oh sorry Hugo, I absolutely did not mean to imply Jules needs to do anything
> about this. I also don't know how "officially" the package maintainer is
> integrated in the whole MailScanner project.
They're not at all. I don't even know who does it.
>  I just thought because the .deb
> was a suggested method of installation for Ubuntu Server with instructions
> directly from the official MailScanner site, there may be some
> cross-communication between the MailScanner developer/documentation
> people/package maintainers. They may even be listening on this list :)
That's because the official Ubuntu distribution of MailScanner doesn't 
even function at all (it didn't in Heron, anyway). Shame they never 
tried testing it :(
> I'll try to get on to the maintainer or at least the person who posted the
> Ubuntu installation instructions to see what's going on.
> In the meantime - would I be correct in suggesting that if I grab the same
> version tarball, I can just extract the missing wrappers/reports/scripts
> from there?
You should be able to rip out the -wrapper and -autoupdate scripts, and 
the missing reports, without any problems.


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