Upgraded server

Edward Dekkers edward at tdcs.com.au
Sat Nov 8 22:26:18 GMT 2008

> Edward Dekkers wrote:
> > I also don't have a /etc/MailScanner/bin folder - which used to hold
> the
> > scripts to update the fishing filter, virus scanners, check whether
> > mailscanner was still running, cleaned the quarantine, and I also
> don't have
> > a lot of the /reports/en/ stuff - which throws up quite a few errors
> when
> > MailScanner starts. Just 3 reports.
> >
> > I'm thinking this deb package isn't as complete as it should be???
> Sounds like you need to see the packager. Little Jules can do about
> incomplete packages created by others.
> Hugo.

Oh sorry Hugo, I absolutely did not mean to imply Jules needs to do anything
about this. I also don't know how "officially" the package maintainer is
integrated in the whole MailScanner project. I just thought because the .deb
was a suggested method of installation for Ubuntu Server with instructions
directly from the official MailScanner site, there may be some
cross-communication between the MailScanner developer/documentation
people/package maintainers. They may even be listening on this list :)

I'll try to get on to the maintainer or at least the person who posted the
Ubuntu installation instructions to see what's going on.

In the meantime - would I be correct in suggesting that if I grab the same
version tarball, I can just extract the missing wrappers/reports/scripts
from there? This shouldn't mess up any future .deb package upgrades
hopefully. Like I said, the main MailScanner seems to work fine, just with a
lot of warnings about missing files etc. Do we still need the scripts that
check whether MailScanner is still running/update ClamAV/phishing filters
and put them in Cron like my old version of MailScanner or is this all
automated now, and I'm chasing something that is now not necessary?


P.S. Hope you're not working on your weekend.

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