can't quite get clamd working properly

Scott Silva ssilva at
Wed Nov 5 23:17:08 GMT 2008

on 11-5-2008 1:40 PM Kate Kleinschafer spake the following:
> René Berber wrote:
>> Kate Kleinschafer wrote:
>>> René Berber wrote:
>>>> Kate Kleinschafer wrote:
>>>>> I am getting the error Cannot find Socket (/tmp/clamd) Exiting!
>>>> That means you have more then one installation (of whatever is
>>>> "Exiting!") and the old version is the one writing that complaint
>>>> (long,
>>>> long ago, clamd used /tmp/clamd as default name for the socket, of
>>>> course you could still use it with newer versions but since you showed
>>>> your configuration is different...)
>>> hmmm I think I have only installed clamav once. This is a new server
>>> that I have built and I don't think I have it installed twice.
>> Sorry for the double answer, but I don't think clamav is the one doing
>> the complaining, it is something else (that's why I said *whatever* is
>> "Exiting!") which should be clear with the complete log line.
>> Whatever is complaining is the one that expects /tmp/clamd as a socket
>> name.  Do you have clamdwatch or similar?
> I don't think I have clamdwatch - I checked the logs and the full lines
> were
> LOCAL: Removing stale socket file /tmp/clamd.socket
> LOCAL: Unix socket file /tmp/clamd.socket
> I'm wondering if it was becuase in the virus.scanners.conf i had the lines
> clamav        /usr/lib/MailScanner/clamav-wrapper    /usr/local
> clamd        /bin/false                /usr/local
> clamavmodule    /bin/false                /tmp
> I have now changed them to
> clamav        /usr/lib/MailScanner/clamav-wrapper    /usr
> clamd        /bin/false                /usr
> clamavmodule    /bin/false                /usr
> so hopefully this will fix the problem.
> Thank you very much for your help with this.
> Kate
Editing that was also in the document on the wiki that was posted earlier in
the thread.

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