can't quite get clamd working properly

Kate Kleinschafer kate at
Wed Nov 5 02:12:29 GMT 2008

René Berber wrote:
> Kate Kleinschafer wrote:
>> I am getting the error Cannot find Socket (/tmp/clamd) Exiting!
> That means you have more then one installation (of whatever is
> "Exiting!") and the old version is the one writing that complaint (long,
> long ago, clamd used /tmp/clamd as default name for the socket, of
> course you could still use it with newer versions but since you showed
> your configuration is different...)
hmmm I think I have only installed clamav once. This is a new server 
that I have built and I don't think I have it installed twice.

Is there a way I can tell if its still running as clamav? I think it was 
doing this before I changed it to clamd today.


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