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Sat May 31 11:15:11 IST 2008

2008/5/31 Rich West <Rich.West at>:
> Scott Silva wrote:
>> on 5-30-2008 2:40 PM Matt Kettler spake the following:
>>> Whooops...
>>> Ignore that post, I thought I was on a different list, where the syntax
>>> is completely different!!
>> I was wondering! Started thinking, "I'm more tired than I thought I was!"
> Same here.. I went back to check what mailing list I was reading.. "I'm not
> reading the milter-greylist mailing list, am I?  I'm not even subscribed to
> that one...." :-)
> -Rich
If we try to stay on this list then, I suppose you're asking what
syntax you need use for a ruleset "blacklisting" everything, and then
whitelisting some mails passing through MailScanner... In which case
you can do this with a normal ruleset ... The syntax is described in
numerous places (the EXAMPLES file in the rules subdirectory, the
wiki, the book...) ... So all you really need do is decide on what
setting (in MailScanner.conf) you should apply the ruleset, since this
a) decide what the rightmost value should be (it need make sense to
the setting applied to), and
b) affect what will actually happen.

I'd think the "Is Definitely Spam"/"Is Definitely Not Spam" and
perhaps "Definite Spam Is Highscoring" settings could be used for
this, along with a "store" only "High Scoring Spam Actions" setting,
or similar ... (or perhaps use a SA "rule" to tag the messages and
selectively act on them with the new SA-rules actions... Seems a bit
backward, but might be more manageable for you).

Note that for this to really work on a "per intern basis", you need
split your incoming mails into one/recipient, else MailScanner will
just use the rules applicable for the first recipient.

Links that apply to all this:
(watch out for line wrapping in the above:-)

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