Blacklist all + allow some?

Matt Kettler mkettler at
Fri May 30 22:35:12 IST 2008

Rich West wrote:
> This is a pretty basic question, but we have a couple of users (interns)
> that we need to disallow all incoming email except for a select few. 
> So, the idea was to blacklist all incoming email and whitelist the few
> allowed inbound email addresses.
> How does one go about blacklisting *everything*? 

At the end of your config:

racl blacklist default

("default" is really just a keyword meaning "match everything that hasn't been 
matched by a previous rul")

> Actually.. what's the
> right syntax for the blacklist?  *?

racl blacklist <insert any recipient-time criteria here>

dacl blacklist <insert any data-phase critera here. ie: header, body or datasize 

In general all the ACLs are of the same basic syntax:

racl <action> <criteria>

such as

racl whitelist rcpt me at
racl blacklist from you at
racl greylist addr

And the ACLs are applied in-order and the first to match takes effect.

see also:

man greylist.conf

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