OT: "Nolisting"

Richard Frovarp richard.frovarp at sendit.nodak.edu
Wed May 28 14:27:14 IST 2008

Ken A wrote:
> Matt Hampton wrote:
>> Scott Silva wrote:
>>> There is even a service that will host your tarpit for you.
>>> http://www.fakemx.org/
>> There is also a very active discussion on the SpamAssassin list at 
>> the moment regarding the very same thing...
>> http://www.gossamer-threads.com/lists/spamassassin/users/120559
> yep. And see this one too:
> http://securepoint.com/lists/html/Qmail/2006-11/msg00145.html
> The point being that you can do this, but be careful HOW you do it, 
> since some mtas (some qmail servers) will not try the next highest mx 
> if you allow the smtp connection to begin on the lowest mx, then issue 
> a 4xx error.
> Ken
There are other mailers out there that behave badly as well. Even with a 
tcp reset, we've had to allow a few through the firewall to talk to what 
is listed as our primary mail server.

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