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I would look at BarricadeMX Jules if they replied to me! I appreciate I have asked a few times, as the licensing model is not correct IMHO, but I would like to integrate it with Zimbra.  I know others would like to look at this aswell.


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> Can you afford a copy of BarricadeMX to run on your mail server in 
> addition to MailScanner?
> It will pay for itself very quickly in all the hardware that you won't
> need to replace the next time around, as the load on the system will 
> drop like a stone. And you can probably throw out half your MX servers
> too, and use the boxes for some other better purpose than processing 
> spam. An average site redeploys half their MX servers in other roles 
> after installing BarricadeMX on the other half.
> That's my best advice for this problem, right now.
> Jules.
> John Baker wrote:

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