OT: "Nolisting"

Paul Welsh paul at welshfamily.com
Tue May 27 13:26:23 IST 2008

Hi all
I have read that one way of blocking spam is to use a lowest priority MX
record that points to a host that doesn't respond to SMTP requests.  I've
seen this idea coined as "nolisting".
The idea is to block the many spammers who target the lowest priority MX,
eg, the one with priority 90 rather than 10 as a way of trying to circumvent
anti-spam measures.  If the MX with the lowest priority doesn't respond then
the spammer doesn't try the higher priority MX but just moves on to the next
Any thoughts on this idea?

Personally, I can see how it would block a percentage of spam but whether
that percentage is high enough to make it a worthwhile idea is open to



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