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Devin Henderson wrote:
| To everyone:
| Thanks for your ideas and information on this. A couple things I
| wanted to mention:
| There really is no "spaminess" to the outgoing mail that is being
| marked as spam. We are a large irrigation equipment distributor and
| engineering firm and unless words like sprinkler, valve, pipe and
| quote are considered spammy there is no "spaminess" here (unless one
| of my users has selected tons of legitimate irrigation emails and
| marked them as Spam through sa-learn). I suspect one of the reasons
| this is happening is because I have my spam score variables very low
| because of the inability in the past of my spam filter to successfully
| catch all of the spam we get (we've got a one dictionary word domain,
| maybe that is one cause for so much spam). Currently my Required
| SpamAssassin Score is 2 and my High SpamAssasin Score is 5. Since
| adding spamhaus blacklists to my config this has improved and I think
| it may be time to raise the spam score levels up to a more standard
| level but I'm still receiving some mail that to *me* appears to be
| very obvious spam but either receives a score of 1 or has no score and
| is simply marked 'Found to be clean' and X-Spam-Status: No.

The obvious answer is that you have not trained your bayesian database
for your network. That is something you MUST do if you want to detect
spam correctly.


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