Do not scan outgoing messages for spam

Devin Henderson devin.lists at
Fri May 23 20:21:25 IST 2008

To everyone:

Thanks for your ideas and information on this. A couple things I
wanted to mention:

There really is no "spaminess" to the outgoing mail that is being
marked as spam. We are a large irrigation equipment distributor and
engineering firm and unless words like sprinkler, valve, pipe and
quote are considered spammy there is no "spaminess" here (unless one
of my users has selected tons of legitimate irrigation emails and
marked them as Spam through sa-learn). I suspect one of the reasons
this is happening is because I have my spam score variables very low
because of the inability in the past of my spam filter to successfully
catch all of the spam we get (we've got a one dictionary word domain,
maybe that is one cause for so much spam). Currently my Required
SpamAssassin Score is 2 and my High SpamAssasin Score is 5. Since
adding spamhaus blacklists to my config this has improved and I think
it may be time to raise the spam score levels up to a more standard
level but I'm still receiving some mail that to *me* appears to be
very obvious spam but either receives a score of 1 or has no score and
is simply marked 'Found to be clean' and X-Spam-Status: No.

I have about 100 users and these are guys who could be in any of our 5
offices, in their truck in any number of other states, some who work
from home in other states, and even users who frequent Mexico for
engineering jobs. My point is, keeping up with these IP ranges is out
of the question. I have added all of my known users' email addresses
to my scan.messages.rules ruleset for now but even this is a fairly
shoddy solution because I have to manually add addresses to this file
when new users are created, something that others besides myself do to
the system from time to time.

If there are any more thoughts on the issue or recommendations for my
setup I would really appreciate it.

Thanks again,

On Fri, May 23, 2008 at 5:54 AM, shuttlebox <shuttlebox at> wrote:
> On Fri, May 23, 2008 at 1:45 PM, Guy Story KC5GOI <kc5goi at> wrote:
>> In the rules directory is a file for whitelisting.  You can put your desired
>> IP address(s), IP address range, domain name,etc in there.
>> I have to agree that this is a bad idea.  If Spamassassin is tagging
>> outbound as spam, others will tag it as well.
> Yes, that's a bad idea as it doesn't lighten your load either. Applied
> to Spam Checks it does.
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> /peter
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