OT: greylistd

René Berber r.berber at computer.org
Fri May 23 18:54:02 IST 2008

Paul Welsh wrote:

> René Berber wrote:
>> One thing that
>> seems wrong, the default socket is /var/run/greylstd/greylstd.sock
> Aha!  You are talking about greylstd not greylistd!

Oops, you're right!  Two different beasts.

> I looked at greylstd but could only find a Debian apt install for it.  I'm 
> running Centos 4.

I installed from source.  But there are Debian and Ubuntu packages.

> Also, the Google hits put me off - greylistd 37,400 vs greylstd 1,790 - so I 
> figured it wasn't very popular.
> If you could give me some more clues on installation under Centos 4 then 
> I'll give it a go.
> How long has it been around?

Judging from http://greylstd.cmeerw.org/ and the code I have, the 
current version is 2 years old.  I been using it for a year, probably 
more, not one problem, the only part that need attention are the Hotmail 
/ Google / Yahoo and similar that retry from a different IP, you white 
list the whole domain.

It's just one source code file in C, python fans hate this but C is 
leaner and faster.  The real documentation is in the site above.
René Berber

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