Watermarking, what does it actually consist of ...

Matt Hampton spamlists at coders.co.uk
Fri May 23 12:42:34 IST 2008

>> The only problem I see is converting the date in to a unix time stamp...
> Well, maybe ... dont know yet.
> So .... just to make things clear ... its a MD5 hash ... converted to
> base64 ... and when it comes back into MailScanner again it
> recalculates the hash ... with the info from the mail ... and then
> compares the two string hashes ?
> Or am I totally lost here .. ?
Yes exactly right - the Date is calculated from the Date field *NOT* the 
system date. 

The header is actually

X-MailScanner-Watermark: 1213961026.89637 at zP9SzydkvnIBOgx58U4azQ

where the number before the @ is the expiry of the token.


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