Do not scan outgoing messages for spam

Kit Wong Kit at
Fri May 23 09:40:11 IST 2008

On Fri, May 23, 2008 at 10:14 AM, Kit Wong <Kit at>
> I would agree with Devin. I have been trying to do this also. The only
> way I have been told is to manually add ip addresses into
> spam.whitelist.rules file and content.scanning.rules file.
> I have clients that have ever changing ip addresses so it is very
> annoying going through the logs and adding them in everyday.
> I would very much like that feature. May be somehow importing the pop
> before smtp db file's ip address list?

I use a ruleset for the option Spam Checks, example:

# Spam Checks
From:    no
From:   no
# local
From:       no
FromOrTo:       default         yes

Most people have Exchange or something further in and those IP
addresses are known. I assume you're talking about POP3 users
connecting directly to your MailScanner server but they still must be
in a known net range so you can specify that with a ruleset using e.g.
CIDR notation. Read the README and EXAMPLES files in the rules

It's not like the mail server knows the (logical) direction of mail
anyway so you must still define what Outgoing and Incoming means to


Moving along with this subject wouldn't it be good to also not scan
emails that are tagged by Watermarking? It seems it still does on my
setup and details seems to indicate that its only for one mailscanner to
another mailscanner...unless I am misunderstanding this feature


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