Watermarking, what does it actually consist of ...

Mikael Syska mikael at syska.dk
Fri May 23 08:37:52 IST 2008


I'm looking at Transport Agent and Event Sinks for Exchange 2007 and 2003 ....

I'm considering it because it would then maybe be posible to put the
watermarking into mails coming from our Exchange serveres, so we dont
have to use the MailScanner smtp and waste lots of bandwdth on that,
as we have multiple domains in many location ... and only one
MailScanner setup.

What is the watermark contructed of, I know it contains the some kind
of MD5 hash of the watermarking "secret" and some kind of timestamp

If there are someone out there, which knows how its constructed so I
maybe could make this possible, my users and I would be very happy :-)

If more information is needed ... please do tell.

best regards
Mikael Syska

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