MailScanner Customization with Postfix

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> Thanks for the reply!
> I have cross checked both the files, entries are corrected as written
> in mentioned link.
> What to do in this case???

For starters, you could stop "Top Posting". This thread is becoming
virtually undecipherable. If you don't know what that means, Google for

You may need assistance from the Postfix group. However, they are
unlikely to be very receptive once you explain that you are employing
Mailscanner. Why don't you supply the unaltered output of 'postconf -n'
so that it can be checked out for any obvious errors. I am assuming
that after you made the changes to Postfix, you did restart it. Also,
it you did mention it, I failed to catch it, so please list the
versions of Postfix; Mailscanner and your OS. It might prove useful.

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