please help .. we are under fire !

Gareth list-mailscanner at
Thu May 22 11:25:19 IST 2008

You could also use mailscanners whitelist feature to block ndr mails
where the original mail did not come from your server.
The spamassassin vbounce plugin does a similar thing.

On Thu, 2008-05-22 at 10:21, Petr Zeman wrote:
> Hello,
> we using MailScanner+Sendmail+SpamAssassin+Clamav as an e-mail gateway 
> for aprox. 100 local users. Normally we have 3 000 e-mails daily - 2500 
> is spam 500 is usable. From tommorow we are under fire :-). Anybody 
> nasty use our domain name ( to send thousands spam e-mails. From 
> yesterday we obtained over 100 000 non-delivery reports to fake address 
> "tli at" and her variants.
> What can i do now? I only set "To: *tli at yes" to 
> spam.blacklist.rules. Is much better now, but this is not solution.
> I will be appreciative, for some ideas.
> Thanks
> Petr Zeman
> JULI Motorenwerk, s.r.o.
> organizace a informatika
zeman at

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