All quiet?

Edward Dekkers edward at
Wed May 21 06:56:02 IST 2008

> I've been absent from the list for a bit. I'm in hospital at the mo
> having loads of tests done, so I'm taking a couple of weeks off from
> the
> list while they do that.
> Managed to hack together an internet connection at the hospital,
> despite
> them blocking all non-web ports and running a Websense box looking for
> HTTP traffic on everything else. Fortunately, like good little
> sys-admins, they left 22 open for their own benefit. Oh, what a mistake
> :-)
> I've now got SMTP running over 443, and full unrestricted web access
> tunneled over SSH on 22. Amazing what you can do with an SMTP server
> and
> a squid at work :-)

I guess "taking a couple of weeks off" means something different for you
than it does for me obviously.

Oh well, if you've got all the access you need anyway, and you're not doing
anything (not what you're supposed to anyway), I guess I'll see a new
version of MailScanner with some unbelievable new features in the next few


But seriously - All the best Jules. Hope all goes well.


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