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Dimitri Yioulos dyioulos at
Tue May 20 21:39:29 IST 2008

On Tuesday 20 May 2008 4:27 pm, Julian Field wrote:
> Steve Campbell wrote:
> > Scott Silva wrote:
> >> Hope everything comes out alright!
> >
> > Is there surgery involved? :-)
> That's what the assessment is for. They are considering everything from
> doing nothing, to replacing my entire intestines (small bowel) and
> portal vein and liver. I only have about 20% of my liver left, my
> kidneys have moved up into the space when the liver should be, and my
> portal vein system doesn't exist at all.
> Look up "liver" on wikipedia and there are 2 pictures at the top of the
> article, the lower one is the interesting one. The main bit of the liver
> on the left of the picture is pretty much absent in me, I've only got
> the little top bit in the middle of the picture.
> So one possibility is to replace the entire liver, portal vein and small
> bowel (all 26 feet of it) with someone else's. So if you're going to
> drive dangerously, please wear leathers and take a donor card with you,
> some of us can use what's left :-) :-)
> We'll see over the next few weeks what they decide they want to do. I'll
> let you know once I have a decision.
> Best regards,
> Jules.
> > Steve Campbell
> Jules
> --


I'm surprised you haven't hacked the testing equipment and just gone ahead and 
done the tests yourself.

Needless to say, we're pullin' for ya.


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