Adding ASN info

Paul Kelly :: Blacknight paul at
Tue May 20 11:07:51 IST 2008

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> Hi,
> Has anyone done any work on adding ASN info to a message in
> the way this procmail filter does it? I would prefer to do
> this in postfix but a custom call in MailScanner before SA is
> called upon would do as well.
> It sounds like a fun idea to let the ASN info become part of
> the Bayesian selection. And we might add a decision to block
> all messages from certain countries. All I ever got from
> Nigeria are messages with wacky deals.

If you use it in conjunction with MailWatch and log the ASN per e-mail over time you can decide to block ASNs at your networks edge. This would simply give the 2 fingers to spammers and the networks that allow them to operate.

I can't see it taking off though :-), but would be nice all the same.


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