Multiple server in transport file

Steve Freegard steve.freegard at
Fri May 16 22:10:52 IST 2008

Gregory Wong wrote:
> Hi everyone. I am starting to relay for a domain that uses multiple 
> front end mail servers to accept mail mainly for redundancy purposes. In 
> the transport file, the domains I am relaying for are currently setup 
> like this:
> smtp:[]
> If I wanted to enter more than one mail server for, how do I 
> do it? If its not possible does anyone else have any workarounds?

It would help if you said which MTA you are using....

The sendmail way to do this (in /etc/mail/mailertable):	esmtp:[]:[]:[]

However, the entries are used in order like an MX record, so a 
connection to each server in the order listed (left-to-right) is 
attempted and if the connection fails the next server listed is used.


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