Problem using the SpamAssassin Rule Actions

Adrian Barker ccaaarb at
Fri May 16 11:22:54 IST 2008

We are trying to use the 'SpamAssassin Rule Actions' to add a header
when the 'VBounce' SpamAssassin rule is triggered. This is to help our
users filter out false delivery status reports, but MailScanner reports
an error. We tried:

SpamAssassin Rule Actions = ANY_BOUNCE_MESSAGE=>deliver,header

which produces the error:
May 16 10:04:41 vscan-d MailScanner[11814]: Message 1Jwvrj-0003zH-JL
produced illegal Non-Spam Actions " "X-UCL-FALSE-DSN: Yes"", so message
is being delivered

Removing the 'deliver' option still results in an error. We are using
MailScanner 4.66.5, which is not the latest version, but the Changelog
does not mention any bug fixes in this area.

Any suggestions ?


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