MailScanner & CentOS5/Sendmail

Henry Kwan lists at
Fri May 16 07:02:13 IST 2008

Gerard Cleary <gcle <at>> writes:

> Our system uses Centos 4.5 and Sendmail.
> /var/spool/mqueue has modes 700 and ownership root.mail
> /var/spool/ has modes 700 and ownership root.root


After looking at MailScanner.conf again, I realized my mistake.  I had set "Run
As User" and "Run As Group" to "mail".  Didn't even see the "(not normally used
for sendmail)" bit a couple of lines up.  After unsetting them, everything is
working now.

After sending a few test emails, I noticed that MailScanner/sendmail doesn't
reject unknown users at the SMTP stage but rather it accepts the email for
delivery and then a DSN is generated afterwards.

How do you get sendmail to reject at the SMTP stage like postfix does with


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