Watermark header addition in Exim does not work

Lasantha Marian x72m35 at gmail.com
Thu May 15 15:58:05 IST 2008


I have observered in Exim/MailScanner installations Watermark header 
addition does not work. But observing the logs reveal that Watermarking 
works. Further, addition of other headers by MailScanner (eg. 
X-YZ-MailScanner-SpamScore, X-YZ-MailScanner-From, etc) works perfectly.

As per the debugging that I have done in Message.pm; I don't see any 
problem at line 334 (Version 4.69.9) either.

Same type of installations with Postfix/MailScanner works well in adding 
the Watermark header.

Has anybody come across this condition ?

I use the following Watermarking configuration in both type of 

  Use Watermarking = yes
  Add Watermark = yes
  Check Watermarks With No Sender = yes
  Treat Invalid Watermarks With No Sender as Spam = spam
  Check Watermarks To Skip Spam Checks = yes
  Watermark Secret = %org-name%-AABBCCDDEEFFGGHHIIJJ
  Watermark Lifetime = 604800
  Watermark Header = X-%org-name%-MailScanner-Watermark:

Thanks in advance.


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