Will Watermarking Stop Backscatter?

Koopmann, Jan-Peter jan-peter at koopmann.eu
Tue May 13 11:48:24 IST 2008

Hi Ronny,

> How about taking the easier way and simply reconfigure your front-end
> and back-end servers to not accept any unknown recipients?

I agree this is a valid and very important step. However it will not
prevent backscatter. If a spammer is using a legitimate e-mail address
from his system and then sends a million mails, this poor fellow in
Daniel's company will receive quite a lot bounces, NDRs etc.

To answer Daniel's original question: Yes, watermarking should stop most
(if not all) backscatter that is out there. There are commercial
programs out there as well (e.g. BarricadeMX) that use a very nifty
E-Mail watermarking system as well. Give them a try. It is worth it.


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