Inode Preservation Possible?

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Fri May 9 17:22:48 IST 2008

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Neal Morgan wrote:
> Hi Julian and list!
> I've been using MailScanner with ZMailer successfully for some time.
> One thing I didn't like was the fact that there was a "disconnect" in
> the logs (syslog, mail) between the message ID when received by SMTP,
> handed off to MS, taken again by router/scheduler.  This made it very
> difficult to diagnose problems with individual messages.
> I'll try to keep the background info short.  Zmailer derives a message
> ID from the inode and create date.  If I could keep the message in the
> same/original file, the logging would stay correct from ZM to MS and
> back.
> I managed to build on the work of others (Carlos?), added some of my own
> scripts to preserve the original inode through copying and cat'ing.  It
> works but it's kind of ugly.
> So, the question is, would it be possible to make MailScanner do this
> for me?  In other words, don't delete the incoming file, instead copy it
> to its work area, perform whatever changes are necessary, then put the
> altered content BACK into the original file so the inode would be
> preserved?
And what happens when the power dies or the OS crashes when you are 
half-way through over-writing the content of the original file? I don't 
like this *at all*, sorry.

>    ...finally, and equally important, use a "mv" to put in the
> outgoing folder rather than copying.
I can only mv if I'm not modifying the file.

MailScanner never "owns" a message, as a power outage or crash could 
cause you to lose a message.


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