change in behaviour

Greg Matthews gmatt at
Fri May 9 13:03:28 IST 2008

Installing MailScanner at a customer site on RHEL3 I noticed file 
locking problems. It seems the auto-detecting of required lock type 
(dependent on sendmail version) does not work in 4.68.8.

When I manually set the lock type to flock, the locking problems 

Waaay back on this list there was much discussion about lock type and 
then Julian made MailScanner autodetect the required locking... am I 
misremembering? Anyway, 4.68.8 defaulted to posix whereas the previous 
version (4.50.15) autodetected correctly and worked with a blank "Lock 
Type ="

Not a major problem as I found and fixed it by setting "Lock Type = 
flock"  but thought it might be of interest.

sendmail 8.12.x
perl 5.8.0
MailScanner 4.68.8
Greg Matthews           01491 692445
Head of UNIX/Linux, iTSS Wallingford

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