Mailscanner and Exim - Spool File Return Code problems.

Chris Russell Chris.Russell at
Thu May 8 23:29:52 IST 2008

> Please let me know if
> a) it works at all (i.e. causes no damage, doesn't crash, etc)
> and/or
> b) it solves the problem.

HI Jules,
 No Joy I`m afraid. I basically took the existing queue file, removed the headers for Spam Checking and pushed this into the input queue with a chown. 
 MailScanner processed this (added the headers, etc) but no newline hence same problem.
 Delved a little bit deeper:
 If I added a newline to this before I pushed it back into the input queue, it went through fine (almost suggesting an exim issue).
 And, the message itself is HTML only and 7 bit encoding, ie:
046  Content-Type: text/html; charset="ISO-8859-1"
032  Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7bit

  Meaning the body is straight html with no mime etc.
 Agree with you on Phil Hazel incidently, he's been a great help when I've had wierd and wonderful issues, he's been missed since his retirement although it is thoroughly deserved.
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