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Greg Matthews gmatt at
Thu May 8 15:21:44 IST 2008

Paul McEwan wrote:
> I've been using MailScanner for the last year or so and it works great.
> But, spam is always a problem.  I'm using SpamAssassin with MailScanner and
> I recently started using some blacklists.  It greatly reduced the spam, but
> unfortunately, some legitimate email got blocked.  People working remotely
> could not always send email because they had dynamic ips blocked by the
> blacklists.  One of the ISPs was Bell South.  Is there some way to get
> around this problem?
> I'm running RedHat Enterprise Linux 3 with MailScanner 4.60.8-1 and SendMail
> 8.12.11.  I was trying to use the following blacklist setting:

I have a feeling that you are doubling up here. As someone else said, 
the SORBS-DUL is a dialup list and Zen also contains a dialup block 
list, I dont know if the NJABL list still contains the dynablock list 
but that became the PBL list which is part of Zen.

Personally, I use a single carefully selected block list at the MTA 
layer (which I can selectively whitelist if ever necessary) and the rest 
are used in SA. I found using them in MS a tad restrictive.

My advice; use block lists with care.


> Any help would be great
> Thanks
> -- Paul

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