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2008/5/8  <dcurtis at>:
> I hate to ask stupid questions, but this will probably turn out so. I have a
> customer that has one user with a BlackBerry. Every time he sends mail he
> gets the below message. I have looked through the filename.rules.conf and
> find nothing with the ETP.DAT or even DAT. I must be missing something
> simple.

This is actually not a stupid question. It is a stupid BlackBerry
behaviour, but not a stupid question:-).
When you activate the BB/User, blackberry will send you the encrypted
activation in a mail... for your BES server to pick up/act on.
They send it properly ascii armored in the message body (IIRC:), as
well as an attached binary file.
This file will be detected as an MS-DOS COM executable from time to
time (very optimistic file magic "strings" ... or rather one byte
codes... in some versions of the file command...), or other prohibited
There are three possible "solutions" that I can think of:
- Whitelist the sender domain wrt filetype checking. This is a bit
"icky and uncertain", but... it's what I ended up doing.
- Try to use "file -i" instead of file. Might make a difference, might
not. I haven't tried this approach... yet:-).
- Remove all "too optimistic" file magics from the magic file (and
regenerate the binary with "file -C").

This issue tewnd to crop up from time to time... A search of the MS
list archives might give other workable solutions... Although I think


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