MailScanner Blacklists

Paul McEwan pmcewan at
Thu May 8 14:24:38 IST 2008

I've been using MailScanner for the last year or so and it works great.
But, spam is always a problem.  I'm using SpamAssassin with MailScanner and
I recently started using some blacklists.  It greatly reduced the spam, but
unfortunately, some legitimate email got blocked.  People working remotely
could not always send email because they had dynamic ips blocked by the
blacklists.  One of the ISPs was Bell South.  Is there some way to get
around this problem?

I'm running RedHat Enterprise Linux 3 with MailScanner 4.60.8-1 and SendMail
8.12.11.  I was trying to use the following blacklist setting:


Any help would be great


-- Paul

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