Conditional rule based on content information

Dave Jones davejones70 at
Thu May 8 12:57:29 IST 2008

>> All I need now it to be able to detect an original email based on
>> something in the headers or body so I can make the signature rule
>> conditional on this.
>I've done this for you. You give it a list of header names. If it finds
>any of them in the headers of the message, it decides it's actually a
>reply and won't attach the HTML signature to it. Is that okay?
That sounds perfect.  I should be able to find some unique header names to
key on.
(Sorry I sent the last email before seeing this reply from you.)
This might be a useful feature for other circumstances if admins had a
variable like _ISORIGINAL_ to use in rules if there is a reliable way to
detect the first email in a series so you could add or remove processing on
first emails.

Dave Jones
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