Will Watermarking Stop Backscatter?

Daniel Straka dstraka at caspercollege.edu
Wed May 7 17:27:34 IST 2008

Backscatter is becoming a real nuisance here. Can I stop it with MailScanner? I did a "backscatter" search on the MS wiki but that yielded nothing. How are all of you dealing with backscatter? 

I've read some comments from the list and I'm trying to decipher if watermarking will stop backscatter. It sounds hit-n-miss from the recent list postings. Was it added as a feature to stop backscatter? How does MailScanner know if a message is a bounce or not?

Thanks in advance...

Dan Straka
Systems Coordinator
Casper College
www.caspercollege.edu ( http://www.caspercollege.edu/ )

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