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Wed May 7 12:16:59 IST 2008

>It's in the latest releases. Here's the relevant chunk from

># This option can be used to stop any duplication of en email signature
># appearing in the HTML of an email message. It looks for the "alt"
># attribute in the <img> tag specifying the image to be inserted int the
># HTML signature. If you want to use this option without inserting an image
># into the signature, simply specify an <img> tag without a "src"
># If the "alt" tag appears, and contains the word "MailScanner" and the
># word "Signature" and the %org-name% you specified at the top of this
># then the message is considered to already be signed. If this option is
># also set to "yes", then it will not be signed again. Multiple image
># signatures at the bottom of a message can make the message very large and
># ugly once it has been replied to a couple of times.
># This can also be the filename of a ruleset.
>Allow Multiple HTML Signatures = no

>This should do exactly what you're looking for. If it doesn't then let
>me know and I'll see what adjustments can be made.
You added this feature for me and it is working great.  We are only getting
one signature.  If we send the first email out, then everything looks great
-- our logo/slogan is appended to the bottom of our email.  The situation I
am trying to prevent is when the first email is sent inbound and we
reply/forward causing our logo/slogan to be added to the bottom of the
original external person's email.  It makes things appear that company) has our logo/slogan.

All I need now it to be able to detect an original email based on something
in the headers or body so I can make the signature rule conditional on this.

>Dave Jones wrote:
>> Is there a way to make a rule conditional on a body content?  Would an
>> SA rule be required to get a hit on that score then take different
>> What I am trying to do it only append the inline HTML signature only
>> on the first outbound email for a particular domain.  Currently the
>> HTML signature is getting appended to the bottom of all outbound email
>> (for my test email address) so if the email originates from the
>> outside and I reply, then _my signature_ is being appended to the
>> original bottom that _was not mine_.
>> So I need to find a way to detect and append the inline HTML signature
>> only to the first outbound email from my domain.  Can this be done
>> with some advanced rules based on SA scoring?
>> I have searched with various keywords in the mailing list archive with
>> no success.
>> --
.> Dave Jones


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