Conditional rule based on content information

Dave Jones davejones70 at
Tue May 6 18:24:27 IST 2008

Is there a way to make a rule conditional on a body content?  Would an SA
rule be required to get a hit on that score then take different action?

What I am trying to do it only append the inline HTML signature only on the
first outbound email for a particular domain.  Currently the HTML signature
is getting appended to the bottom of all outbound email (for my test email
address) so if the email originates from the outside and I reply, then _my
signature_ is being appended to the original bottom that _was not mine_.

So I need to find a way to detect and append the inline HTML signature only
to the first outbound email from my domain.  Can this be done with some
advanced rules based on SA scoring?

I have searched with various keywords in the mailing list archive with no

Dave Jones
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