Problem running MailScanner & MailWatch

Philippe BEAU philippe at
Tue May 6 12:33:24 IST 2008

Hi everybody,

So at first, thanks Julian for your daily work around MailScanner, it's a
great product :)

I have some shit since sometimes, and i don't arrive to solve this. It
seems to appear when i activate the logging with MailWatch. So i would
like an external advice on my configuration :

- OS is Centos r5
- Perl release is 5.10.0
- MySQL was downgraded from 5.0.22 to 4.1.22
- MailScanner is Version number in MailScanner.conf (4.68.8) is correct.

-> MailScanner --lint is okay

but when i launch MailScanner with Logging & MailWatch activated, i have
this error message :

Could not use Custom Function code
MailScanner::CustomConfig::InitMailWatchLogging, it could not be "eval"ed.
Make sure the module is correct with perl -wc at
/usr/lib/MailScanner/MailScanner/ line 873

And it seems to have some dead process with "Compressing attachments".

I try in the past to upgrade the release of MailScanner, but i have more
and more shits and i don't arrive to have a clean process. Can you help me
with this ?

Best regards


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