MailScanner and SquirrelMail problems

Velda Midanovic velda.midanovic at
Mon May 5 13:04:20 IST 2008

I have a Red Hat 4 U5 setup with MailScanner and Clam AV working perfectly.


When I try to add a webmail (SquirrelMail) to the mix, it alll falls down.

I can log into the webmail, but when I try to send a mail through it I get
such things in my maillog :


MailScanner[6486]: Cannot read queue directory /var/spool/


MailScanner[6491]: User's home directory /var/www is not writable

MailScanner[6491]: You need to set the "SpamAssassin User State Dir" to a
directory that the "Run As User" can write to


MailScanner [6491]: Using SpamAssassin results cache

MailScanner[6491]: Could not create SpamAssassin cache database


And I have to restart the server to get it running OK again.


Any ideas?


Best from Velda

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