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Valmiki N. Ramsewak lilvalo at
Thu May 1 01:54:12 IST 2008  -  That  
will do it on Postfix... but you're using sendmail....

Been a while since then....  <- thats one  
option google returned.. I've never used milters in my 1.5 years of  
using sendmail...

Some googling said you can edit the source code to do it (too hard for  

Have fun. let us know how it works out

On Apr 30, 2008, at 7:59 PM, Vernon Webb wrote:

> I know that there is an archive option in MailSacnner and I also  
> know that I can define a locate where they can be archived to,  
> however I am wondering if that those emails can somehow be sent to  
> an email box that can me popped using pop3 ? I need to have all mail  
> sent through Sendmail (in and out) sent through a specific domain  
> have a BCC sent to a certain account. From want I understand they  
> are looking for something similar to Journaling in Microsoft  
> Exchange Server. Anyone have any ideas on how and if this can be  
> done with (or without) MailScanner?
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