Running a CustomAction on High Scoring Spam

Michael Mansour micoots at
Thu May 1 00:39:58 IST 2008


I have a perl script I would like to run on each High
Scoring Spam that is detected by MailScanner.

The current default behaviour for my
high.scoring.spam.actions.rules file is:

FromOrTo:       default                         delete
store-spam header "X-Spam-Status: Yes"

The perl script simply takes stdout piped into it, so
I just need to do:

# cat spam.eml |

for the script to work.

What I'm hoping I can do is use the FromOrTo line
above to call a CustomAction (if that is the right way
to do this) which will "cat" the spam email into my
perl script.

I currently run the script nightly on the entire high
scoring "spam" directory and I'd like to make that a
little more real-time.

Thanks for any suggestions.


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