MS 4.67.6 + SA3.2.4 + Pyzor/DCC

Ade Fewings ade at
Tue Mar 25 11:47:11 GMT 2008

>> I'm now trying to improve spam detection by adding in DCC and Pyzor.  
>> I have both built and working fine - and can run spamassassin -D over 
>> a known spam message and see spamassassin using DCC and Pyzor as 
>> appropriate.
>> However, I've found that whilst this works just fine (and so does 
>> running MailScanner in debug and debug-sa over a single batch), 
>> running MailScanner normally as daemon causes MS to get stuck hogging 
>> lots of CPU and with "Enabling SpamAssassin auto-whitelist 
>> functionality...." as the last logged message from all the MS 
>> processes that start.  No mail actually gets scanned.
>> As soon as I switch 'use_pyzor' and 'use_dcc' to 0 in 
>> spam.assassin.prefs.conf, things return to normal.
> iirc, these switches are obsolete
> you now enable them in the .pre files

Thanks Alex......and oops.....sorry didn't make that clear.......   ;-)

I can see that the 'use_pyzor' and 'use_dcc' settings do stop SA from 
using those utils.  I think the stuff in the .pre files affects whether 
the SA modules for those tools are loaded at all, but the 'use_pyzor' 
and 'use_dcc' settings still seem to be honored.  So, basically the 
result is the same - if I use Pyzor/DCC then starting MS in daemon mode 
gives the problem, if I remove them (either via the above switches or 
via the .pre files), then MS start and rolls just fine.
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