Postfix 2.5 with MailScanner?

Alex Broens ms-list at
Sun Mar 23 16:26:47 GMT 2008

On 3/23/2008 3:29 PM, Julian Field wrote:
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> Has anyone run Postfix 2.5 with MailScanner?
> Is it known to work okay?
> Thanks! (need a quick answer to this one, please)

Compiled today from Simon Mudd's sources.
Running on a test box with latest MailScanner release and its happily 
filtering trap mail.

Now,, trying to get Pfix 2.5.1, MailScanner and milter-link to run is a 
different story.

Spent all morning with Anthony Howe trying to find what is borked...
.. long story... lots of fun (not really)


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