How Many Rbl ??

Matt Kettler mkettler at
Thu Mar 20 17:23:22 GMT 2008

Andrea Bazzanini wrote:
> Hello Guys..
> Realy esay question ...
> How many RBL ... in your opinion must be check by MS ???
> I have added 5 rbl into my MS config file .... spamcop, spamhouse etc....
> Thanks !!!

The answer depends a lot on how bad FPs are for you.

I trust zero RBLs enough to use for outright blacklisting.

At the MTA layer, I use 3 RBLs to trigger greylisting. (yes, unlike most 
greylist configs, I don't greylist by default, but use milter-greylist's access 
lists to selectively greylist email that's highly likely to be spam). This is 
acceptable to me, as the only consequence of false positive is late email.

At the MailScanner layer, I use 0 RBLs, as I trust no RBL completely.

At the SpamAssassin layer, I use all the default RBLs. That's acceptable to me 
because the scoring mechanism makes it very unlikely the RBL will cause a FP, as 
it would also have to match other spam rules.

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