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Thu Mar 13 20:16:59 GMT 2008

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Mark Sapiro wrote:
> On Wed, Mar 12, 2008 at 10:35:27PM +0000, Julian Field wrote:
>> I have just released a new beta, 4.68.3.
>> This contains quite a lot of major new things, some of which are very 
>> much "behind the scenes" so I would appreciate it if people could test 
>> this out for me.
> I just installed it.  The install and restart had no problems so far.
Great. Thanks for that.
>> The major new changes are mostly these:
>> - - Support for F-Prot version 6 scanning daemon, fpscand. This is very fast.
>> - - Support for Vexira and Esets scanners updated.
>> - - Major new delivery system for Web Bug Replacement image and 
>> phishing.bad.sites.conf file. This now uses an "anycast" content 
>> delivery network graciously provided by Matt Hampton, so big thanks to 
>> him. This should make Distributed Denial of Service attacks (which I 
>> suffered a couple of weeks ago) virtually impossible as the files are 
>> provided by a globally-distributed network of hosts all behind the same 
>> URL and IP address.
>> - - New ability to forward messages to a list of email addresses if the 
>> messages contain filenames or filetypes matching the rules give in 
>> filename.rules.conf and filetype.rules.conf files.
> Since I see nothing above regarding the Postfix message duplication issue,
> I'm keeping Max Children = 1 for now.
Is anyone else seeing this problem?


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